Ny EP 23. juni 2014 – Mumin

Fastpoholmen releases six new songs!

It is now 1 ½ years ago Fastpoholmen released their award-winning album – Andas In – and now the eight-man band, with Adam Fastholm in the lead, are ready to launch some new material.

The EP carries the name Mumin and contains 6 powerful songs ranging from the small intimate afro / folk song “Gråt Ej” (track 2), which literally made small children hug the speakers, to the drum’n bass song “Gynger Hofterne “(track 6) where Adam supplies his Swedish flow with Danish lyrics.
Track 3 is the slightly melancholic reggae song “Hjärta” with delicious skewed brass riffs and a supercatchy chorus, followed up by the more electronic tracks “Kärlek o Dub” (Track 4) and “Skriken” (track 5). On the last mentioned song, Adam shows his more dark and introverted sides and the there is no sucking up for the listener.

The EP opens with the indie-reggae tune “Röra Oss” (Track 1) which clearly shows that Fastpoholmen still goes their own way, without seeking the classic hit-formula with many repetitive choruses and a recognizable form where everyone knows which way we are heading.
Nevertheless, the music is direct, strong and catchy with an ability to penetrate directly into the skin and into the place where emotions arise. Stretching from the intense loving and warm feelings, to the gloomy and claustrophobic.

As something new Fastpoholmen has started a collaboration with the Swedish producer and musician Måns Asplund (Timbuktu, Helt Off). The band has visited Måns in his studio outside Kristianstad in Sweden where they recorded two of the songs for the EP. The idea is tha Måns will contribute to Fastpoholmens sounds in the future along with the band’s regular producer Thomas Fritsche.

Fed anmeldelse i diskant.dk

Kusine/fætter-parret Adam og Dawn Fastholm formår igen at kreere underværker på deres kun andet udspil Andas In. Genreforvirringen er total, konventionerne og reglerne er smidt væk, og tilbage står der pure god musik der swinger, rører, glæder, underholder og fortæller om alt mellem himmel og jord. Læs hele anmeldelsen på www.diskant.dk

Nyt album ude nu !!!

Vi har den ære at præsenter vores nye album Andas In:

Og hvis du vil vide hvad det går ud på kan du:

Købe det på itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/album/andas-in/id620577890

Bestille en CD: http://www.targetshop.dk/dk/303804/Fastpoholmen/Andas_In/

Bestille en LP (kommer primo April): http://www.targetshop.dk/dk/303909/Fastpoholmen/Andas_In_(LP)/

Streame på Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/6a5wQonlMiezCdEjJlR9qw

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